The Labyrinth is a podcast documentary series narrating the case of a mysterious disappearance from a National Forest in Arizona. Janet Castrejon disappeared in 2015 while she was camping with her family in a remote location near the Chiricahua Mountains when she seemingly vanished into thin air without anybody noticing. It turns out other similar disappearances occurred nearby around the same time, prompting questions as to whether there may have been a connection between them.
The Labyrinth also explores the general topic of people going missing from National Parks. In this podcast, you will hear candid interviews with members of law enforcement agencies, the families of the missing as well as insights from renowned crime analyst Laura Richards.


EPISODE 1: “They Did Her In”

In the small town of Portal, AZ the community is abuzz with rumors regarding the recent disappearance of a woman from the nearby Chiricahua Mountains.

EPISODE 2: The road not taken

In 1988 Janet was just 17 years old when a tragic event changed the course of her life.

EPISODE 3: The Last Day

The mysterious events of Friday, June 19th 2015, when Janet suddenly vanishes without a trace.


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