Eduardo and Lydia Castrejon hold their first born, Janet

A Castrejon family portrait. Janet is standing behind her father

Janet’s family often spent their weekends camping and going on outdoor adventures

Janet and her younger sister, Xochitl

Janet is the eldest of four. She can be seen standing on the right

Janet Castrejon’s extended family

Janet and her siblings when they were children

Janet with her siblings Oscar, Fabian and Xochitl

Campsite & Investigation

Entrance to the campground. This roadway leads back towards Janet’s campsite. This is where Janet dropped off the fee slip then walked back up to the motorhome as last seen by her mother

This pay box is where Janet was last seen by her mother

The fee box where Janet was last seen, at the entrance of the campground

Janet put a pay slip into this fee box a few instants before she vanished

The payment form filled out by the Castrejons indicating their arrival time at Rustler Park

The bathrooms used by Janet’s mother right after she and Janet went their separate ways

The campgrounds where Janet was last seen, in Coronado National Forest

The campsite where the Castrejons parked their motorhome

Rustler Park

The trail connecting Rustler Park to Long Park starts here

This small building serves as Portal’s Post Office but is also a gathering point for residents of this tiny town


The spot where Oscar pulled over to speak to the Sheriff

Sgt. Noland studies the maps of the search and rescue efforts to locate Janet

The map used by search and rescue workers to locate Janet

The Missing Poster distributed by the Sheriff’s Office

A map of the campground created by the Sheriff’s Office. We added some notes onto this drawing. Namely, the restroom numbers and the location of several individuals as referenced in the podcast

A topographic map showing where Janet’s remains were found

Detective Hoke points towards a long ravine that was searched thoroughly. At the time of Janet’s disappearance, it was full of tall brush

Det. Hoke stands in front of the Castrejon campsite and points towards Long Park

Detective Hoke and Sgt. Noland at Rustler Park

Sgt. David Noland at Rustler Park

Maggie, the clever pet who outsmarted trained search and rescue canines, played a vital role in this missing person investigation

In 2018, a family dog named Maggie found this bone and brought it to her owner, Amanda Moors, a field biologist working in the area of Long Park. The bone turned out to be a human femur

A braid of hair that was found by ‘good girl’ Maggie, a rescued Catahoula with a remarkable sense of smell

A skeletal diagram indicating the remains found at Long Park

Eduardo and Lydia Castrejon returned to Rustler Park several times, searching for answers

Janet’s father Eduardo


Interview with Janet’s mother

Sitting down with detective Hoke and Sgt. Noland at Rustler Park

Paul Fugate

Mary Sloan

Laurence Kosden

The payment slip and a check written by Laurence Kosden before vanishing from Rustler Park – just months after Janet


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