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EPISODE 1: “They Did Her In”

In the small town of Portal, AZ the community is abuzz with rumors regarding the recent disappearance of a woman from the nearby Chiricahua Mountains.

EPISODE 2: The road not taken

In 1988 Janet was just 17 years old when a tragic event changed the course of her life.

EPISODE 3: The Last Day

The mysterious events of Friday, June 19th 2015, when Janet suddenly vanishes without a trace.

EPISODE 4: All Avenues

The search for Janet quickly turns into a missing person investigation, as too many details are simply not adding up.

EPISODE 5: The Perfect Storm

We speak with acclaimed criminal behavioral analyst Laura Richards about the different hypotheses surrounding Janet’s disappearance.

EPISODE 6: “If it’s God’s Will”

Janet’s family sets the record straight and a mysterious new figure enters the investigation.

EPISODE 7: What About Larry?

Only three months after Janet disappears, Rustler Park becomes the scene of yet another mysterious event.

EPISODE 8: Abducted

We explore the phenomenon of people going missing from National Parks as well as Ranger Paul Fugate’s disappearance from the Chiricahua Mountains in 1980. This forty-year-old mystery still gains nationwide attention.

EPISODE 9: Post Mortem of an Investigation

We head to Rustler Park again, as a surprising discovery in a remote cliffside years after Janet disappeared leads to even more questions.

EPISODE 10: Cul-de-sac

We go over our own thoughts and conclusions regarding the mysterious disappearances at Rustler Park.


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